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Personality assessments for individuals, teams, and enterprise

We help you understand "what" you do and "why" you do it


  • True Tilt Personality Profile - $49  A wicked fast self-assessment with modern, relevant language to discover your most natural character strengths. The Tilt visual framework makes it easy to remember and apply.

    Learn Your Tilt

  • Positive Influence Predictor - $199 Take control of your development. Gather repeatable feedback on how well you use 12 key character strengths. This positive psychology assessment gives you the feedback you need to be more agile.

    Grow Agility


  • Team Climate Profile - $99 Understand your team's personality patterns and how they change under stress. Understanding how your team changes under stress helps you identify and minimize ego-drama and increase innovation.

    Assess your team profile

  • Team Agility Predictor - $399  A team 360-feedback assessment that uncovers how well your team is positioned to meet the challenges of your current goals and enables you to develop strategies to adapt to ever-changing conditions and futures.

    Grow your team agility

Wondering how Tilt is different?

Understand your baseline happiness and well being level to see how you evolve over time.

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  • Workshops Experience on-site and live-virtual workshops to accelerate your development.

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  • Coaches You can access a world-wide network of Tilt-certified coaches and consultants with the expertise to help your team get from where they are to where they want to be.

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  • Certification Scale coaching to targeted and affordable levels so that everyone in your organization contributes to creating a culture where everyone loves to work.

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What's your Happiness level?

Understand your baseling happiness and well being level to see how you evolve over time.

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Tilt Presence: Be the calm in a sea of noise

Anxiety is at an all time high and stress is the new normal. This book poses a thought provoking method for building strong internal confidence and happiness by focusing inward instead of being at the affect of outside forces. Author and executive coach Pam Boney has shared the secret of internal strength with clients for over two decades and now is sharing it with the world. Discover the 8 Existential Questions you must answer to grow greater internal character strength, calm confidence and rock solid presence. This powerful but quick read will show you how to expand your personal and professional influence exponentially. You are the final judge of YOU and answering these questions affirmatively can change the direction of your life and work powerfully.

Evolve U

Get certified to help the best teams get even better. Grow your own self-awareness as you learn how to use Tilt with clients. Work with one individual, an entire team, or implement the suite of tools and workshops to build great company-wide culture.

Tilt also features over 600 certified coaches to help you scale to your needs.